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Comics by Star Trekรข Actors
by Jo Davidsmeyer

Feature Article
Strange New Worlds  Issue 11 - December 1993

From the devilishly creative mind of Walter Koenig comes a hero for the nineties. Perhaps best know for his role as Star Trek's Pavel Chekov, Walter Koenig is also the creator and writer of Raver from Malibu Comics.

wpe10A.jpg (102624 bytes)Raver is set in a universe that is rapidly decaying. The few star systems that can support life are quickly reaching their population limits. New habitable planets must be created, and Norman Walters of Grinnell, Iowa has been chosen for the job. But Norman doesn't quite have the hang of it. Norman accidentally spawns nightmarish worlds filled with evil beings. Norman's alter-ego Raver must enter Norman's bizarre creations and set them right.

This premise allows for some diverse storylines. But the most interesting aspect that Koenig has instilled in Raver is chameleon traits. Raver's abilities change depending upon his adversary. Raver mirrors the powers of his opponent; and his powers can never exceed the evil doers'. This unique trait gives the series a Quantum Leap aura ("setting right what once went wrong"). This concept offers infinite possibilities for adventures.

William Shatner (Star Trek's Captain Kirk) is also a name player in the comic field. The comic William Shatner's Tek World is based on the successful series of books by Mr. Shatner. Marvel Comics premiered the series in September 1992. Tek World chronicles the tribulations of Jake Cardigan, an ex-cop sentenced for a crime he didn't commit. Now a private detective, he must deal with problems in a not-too-distant future Los Angeles.

To coincide with the world premiere of the made-for-TV Tek War movie, Tek World launches a four-part story in January 1993 entitled "Fathers and Sons." In it, Jake and his partner Gomez struggle to rescue their employer from a renegade sentient computer. Tek World is part of Marvel's creator-owned Epic line of titles. l

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