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Feature Article
Strange New Worlds  Issue 11 - December 1993

An "Indy" Success Story

In the 1970s a new phenomenon was born in the comics industry as a wave of independent black-and-white comics publishers sprang into existence. Two of the "indy" pioneers were Wendy and Richard Pini and their creation, Elfquest.

Elfquest found its beginnings in 1978 through the vision of husband-and-wife creative team Wendy and Richard Pini. A self-trained artist, Wendy can trace her fascination with the world of elves as far back as a doodle she whipped up at the age of two. Wendy and Richard took this, and thousands of other "doodles," and turned them into Elfquest, one of the most successful of today's independent comics. Elfquest's "fantasy with teeth" offers its readers everything from spiritual magic-weavers to warrior chieftesses. Owing to its award-winning artwork and storylines, the ever-expanding Elfquest Universe offers something to everyone — adult and child alike.

In the fifteen years since the Pinis launched Elfquest, they have sold millions of their comics and graphic novel collections. Heralded by the American Library Association as one of the most important works in American Fantasy, Elfquest is used in classrooms to motivate uninspired young people to become avid readers. Elfquest is an integral part of the ongoing Cartoonists Across America and Planet Literacy efforts (endorsed by Barbara Bush). The Pini's creation has been the subject matter of university courses in contemporary mythology.

Wendy and Richard met in 1969, appropriately enough, through the fan letters column of a comic book. In creating Elfquest they outline the stories as a team; then Wendy creates the final artwork and Richard handles the business of publication. They are currently developing an entire Elfquest Universe from the original concept. In addition to the comic books and graphic novels, they are, with the aid of Creative Artists' Agency and The Beanstalk Licensing Group, developing such projects as prose story anthologies and novelizations, an illustrated series of children's books, animation for both television and motion pictures, and the licensing of Elfquest properties and characters.

Elfquest contains fantastic artwork, strong characters, romance, adventure, humor, and spirituality. Perhaps its most distinctive feature is that Elfquest, written and drawn by a woman, appeals to other women, something most other comics just don't do. l

Elfquest , , and 1993 Warp Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved.

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