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Seaplane Posters

Fine-Art reproductions of Vintage Advertising Posters of
Commercial Seaplane Services
Palm Beach Aero Seaplane Poster
Palm Beach Aero Seaplane Service

13 x 9 inches, List Price $50.00

Also available 13 x 9 inches
List Price $15.00


Inter-Island Airways
Seaplane Travel Poster

13 x 9 inches, List Price $15.00


California and China Clipper, Pearl Harbor, HI 1939

Scipio Seaplane Travel Poster
Imperial Airways Air Fleet

With Scipio Seaplane Cross-section
18 x 24 in
List Price $39.99

Imperial Airways Seaplane

20 x 28 in
List Price $17.99


Pan Am Clipper Posters:

Pan American Clipper poster

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