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COMBAT! A Viewer's Companion to the Classic TV Series (Revised)
New revised 2008 edition! This is the 3rd edition of this must-have book for all Combat! fans 

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Strange New Worlds the science fiction collectors magazine

This award-winning magazine published from 1992 through 1994, providing original articles, interviews, and news for science fiction collectors.

Strange New Worlds publishes original non-fiction related to TV media, including science fiction, military, and others. 

In addition to publishing our own titles, Strange New Worlds also provides a full range of professional writing and editorial services for all your publishing needs, whether on paper or on the web. Services include:

bullet copy-editing
bulletbook doctor 
bulletcover design 
bulletprofessional manuscript analysis 
bulletprofessional web site analysis 
bullete-book generation 
bulletand more! 

On-line Publishing:

So, you want to build a web site...

We provide web page design and start-up for small- to mid-size businesses and organizations, as well as complete support and consultation services. We also provide web hosting starting as low as $60.00 per year for personal sites and $99.00 for small business sites.

For information, see "Going On-Line: The Basics." 
Call us, we'd be happy to quote your project!

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