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Strange New Worlds Issue 10 - Oct/Nov 1993
updated January 2003

Practical Gifts for Star Trek Fans
by Jo Davidsmeyer

The Paramount merchandising machine is fully functional and busy authorizing a plethora of licensed merchandise proudly bearing the logo of their most profitable franchise: STAR TREK. Older fans remember when a list of official Star Trek products was just a few pages long; in those ancient days a dedicated Trekker could reasonably attempt to possess every officially sanctioned item. Now, only those with unlimited warehouse space and a Federation-sized budget could hope to accomplish the same feat.

For the average collector, only so much shelf space can be allotted to any collecting passion. I adore my chrome Enterprise models, my glitter-filled halodome, my Mr. Spock stand-up . . . but I tire of dusting them. How many Trek action figures does one person really need?

Among the dazzling array of beautiful and useless memorabilia, practical Trek items can be found.

Star Trek Journals

Longmeadow Press produced a series of beautiful journals. These blank books are perfect for containing daily diaries, club minutes, random thoughts, or just plain doodling. Journal titles are: Star Trek: The Next Generation Data's Log Book, Star Trek Ship's Log Book, Star Trek Captain's Log Book, and Star Trek Quote Journal. All have black, hardbound covers with gold or silver embossed Trek designs on both front and back. The Quote Journal also contains photos and quotes from the classic series.

Original retail price is $7.95 for the Quote Journal, $6.95 for the blank books. These are now out-of-print, but fairly easy to find in used and collectible stores, sometimes in new condition for less than the original price! These make lovely gifts for aspiring science fiction writers.

Available online at at various prices:

bulletStar Trek Quote Journal
bulletStar Trek The Next Generation: Data's Log Book
bulletStar Trek Ship's Log Book
bulletStar Trek Captain's Log Book

Star Trek Gifts for Computer Owners

A variety of useful Trek items are available for computer owners. Thankfully, once installed, software never has to be dusted.

Star Trek computer and videogames

Li'l Bits Font Packs from Bitstream, Inc. are scalable Truetype fonts available in a series of genre font packs. All you need is Windows 3.1 and your favorite software application and you can be printing Starfleet approved documents. The Star Trek Font Pack includes authentic title fonts from the original TV series and films, the Starfleet font, Klingon symbols, and more. The title of this article is printed using Li'l Bits. These font packs are easy to install; they work with most Windows-based applications that utilize fonts. These originally sold for $19.95 per pack, but new copies can be found on eBay for under $5.00. Find Star Trek font pack at eBay

Star Trek Clothing

Lincoln Enterprises has recently expanded its line of clothing, has Nemesis jackets and other items. See their online store at

Star Trek Classic Check

The Anthony Grandio Company produces one of the most practical items to bear the Trek imprint, as well as some of the silliest advertising claims. Two sets of designer Star Trek Checks can be purchased. Star Trek Classic contains five images from the classic series, including the Enterprise, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and crew. The second package bears the United Federation of Planets seal on every check. Both sets come with a checkbook cover depicting the Enterprise.

Many fan clubs already use these Trek checks. The science fiction images are a vast improvement over the average, bland scenic check. These colorful, high-quality checks are a delightful addition to a Trekker's wallet or purse.

I just wish the company would not trumpet these utilitarian items as collectibles. These inexpensive-to-reproduce papers are unlikely to appreciate in value; I doubt they would ever generate interest beyond their intrinsic value as a transactional statement to your financial institution. If you have no checking account, fear not; the Anthony Grandio Company is happy to provide a personalized commemorative set devoid of any banking information.

And the Brilliantly Impractical Gifts for the Star Trek Fans on Your List

I cannot close a list of practical Star Trek holiday gifts, without paying small homage to the company that, with inimitable style, brings us the pinnacle of impracticality. Franklin Mint, the world's leading creator of fine-quality collectibles, produces some of the most dazzling dust-catchers in the known universe.

Over the years, Franklin Mint designed thirty-two Trek-themed programs. Though some of these programs include functional timepieces and playable chess sets, the bulk of these items exist merely to be beautiful. The company's mission is "to offer works of beauty that endure in a diverse range of artistic media and genres. To create collectibles that can be displayed and enjoyed today, and passed on with pride to future generations." They succeed admirably in this aim.

bullet Find collectible Franklin Mint Star Trek items at Amazon

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