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Feature Article
Strange New Worlds Issue 10 - Oct/Nov 1993

Majel Barrett
A Brief Biography

11nurse_chapel.jpg (16459 bytes)Actress, lecturer, entrepreneur: Majel Barrett has been Star Trek's untiring ambassador of goodwill for twenty-seven years.

A Columbus, Ohio native, she was born Majel Lee Hudec. Her first name is of American Indian origin, but by nationality, she is a Bohemian. Majel grew up in Cleveland where she graduated from Shaker Heights High School. She attended Flora Stone Mather College for Women at Western Reserve University. After a year there, she transferred to the University of Miami where she graduated as a Theater Arts Major. After a year of law school, Majel moved to New York, determined to become an actress.

Her start came during eleven weeks of stock in Bermuda, followed by a play that closed in Boston before it could reach Broadway, and a nine month tour with Solid Gold Cadillac.

Turning to the West Coast, Majel began studying with Anthony Quinn who, impressed by her talents, took her to Paramount where she appeared in three motion pictures. More study followed: first drama with Sanford Meisner, then comedy with Lucille Ball. The latter led to a year's contract at Desilu Studios.

Her film credits include The Buccaneer, As Young As We Are, and The Quick and the Dead, among others. Her numerous television appearances include guest roles on The Eleventh Hour, Dr. Kildare, Bonanza, General Hospital, and The Lieutenant.

Majel was originally cast in the role of the First Officer in the first Star Trek pilot, "The Cage." In the original series she portrayed Christine Chapel. In 1969 she wed the show's creator Gene Roddenberry.

She reprised her role of Dr. Christine Chapel in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

In both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine she plays Lwuxana Troi, the indomitable Auntie Mame of the Galaxy.

In addition to those on-screen roles, Ms. Barrett has become familiar as the voice of the computer on all three Star Trek series and the animated Star Trek TV show from the 1970s.

She is also the proud mother of Gene Roddenberry, Jr., nineteen, an astronomy student.

Majel is president of Lincoln Enterprises in Los Angeles, a mail-order firm specializing in Star Trek memorabilia. She is also sought after as a guest at science fiction conventions, thrilling audiences with her "behind the scenes" stories and updates from the Star Trek universe. Her performances, charm, and enthusiasm have endeared her to millions of fans.

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