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Science Fiction Promotional Pinback Buttons

These pictures are pinback buttons that I have owned at one time or another that promote science fiction movies. These were giveaways. Most are from the 1980 and 1990s. Back then, it was very common to promote a movie this way. Most I received from attending science fiction conventions. Now, film companies rarely promote a film with free pins.

Sphere pinback button

Species pinback button

Promotional pinback for the film "Soldier" starring Kurt Russell

Pinback button for the Alec Baldwin film
"The Shadow" 

Teaser promo button for the first Matrix film. 

Pinback Button for the film The Puppet Masters, very loosely based on the classic Robert A. Heinlein book.

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Naked Lunch Pinback button

This is a tiny 1" button. Guess they didn't think the third Lethal Weapon film was worth full-size buttons.

Pin to promote the first Men In Black (M.I.B.) film


Promo button for the animated film The Iron Giant

Yes, I actually went to the opening weekend of E.T. (I'm that old), and this was the button given away at the movie theater.

Pin to promote the summer 1994 premiere of the Flintstones movie

Back before they were "Syfy", the
Sci-Fi channel distributed these pinback buttons to promote their launch in September of 1992.

Another great promotional pin from the Sci Fic Channel, used to promote their Friday night original programming Farscape.

Stargate Pinback Button

Not science fiction, but definitely fantasy, The Green Mile starring Tom Hanks.

Event Horizon pinback button

The Devil's Advocate pinback button showing Keanu Reaves and Al Pacino 


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Pins from Other Films