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strawberries.jpg (11297 bytes)I'm The Guy...

These humorous pins were a series of pinback buttons given away with  packs of cigarettes in the 1910s through the 1930s.

The phrase "I'm the Guy" comes from Rube Goldberg. Size: 7/8"

These pins, given away by cigarette companies with packs of cigarettes, had phrases in white lettering with blue, red, or green solid backgrounds. The phrases started with Rube Goldberg's famous phrase "I'm the Guy..."

No one knows how many pins were produced for the I'm the Guy series. Collectors have documented hundreds of different phrases. In our small collection, we had nearly 200.

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Just some I'm the Guy phrases we've seen:

On Red Background, I'm the Guy That...

bulletMade the Scales for Fish
bulletPut Coke in Cocoa
bulletPut Dots on the Dice
bulletPut Indians in Indiana
bulletPut the Hop in Hops
bulletPut the Mark in Denmark
bulletPut the Rats in Rathskeller

On Blue Background, I'm the Guy That...

bulletPut Straw in Strawberries

Most pins shown on these pages were part of our original collection, and have been sold. They are shown here for historic purposes only. We hope you enjoy viewing them. See the For Sale page for partial listing of pins we have for sale.

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Sites of interest:

bulletI'm the Guy Pinback buttons by Randall Whitaker
bulletOfficial Rube Goldberg Web Site


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