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Strange New Worlds  Issue 13 - April/May 1994

2nd Anniversary issue
Is It Advertising or Is it Art?
Japanese monster models
Godzilla Movies list
A Fan by Any Other Name
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Thank you for picking up our second Anniversary issue! To celebrate we bring you a Giant-themed issue. Inside you'll find a six-page story by Adrienne Reynolds about the biggest toy show of them all: the annual American International Toy Fair in New York. Also, David Milner, a noted Godzilla writer, introduces our readers to the models and toys available for collectors of Japanese Monster Movies. You may wonder at the lack of illustrations for his article; unfortunately, Toho, the owners of Godzilla, have interesting policies regarding use of their publicity photos and the use of photos taken of Godzilla products available on store shelves. Strange New Worlds readers will have to rely on their imaginations to visualize the rampaging toys described in the article. (I decided against running a computer-distorted photo of Godzilla, similar to the blurring effect tabloids use for Michael Jackson's companions.) Bennet Pomerantz's column highlights the giant collectibles now available. This will be Bennet's last regular column in our pages, but we look forward to his feature articles in future issues.

Our Models and Miniatures columnist Archie Waugh is busy preparing for Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Archie will be involved in the Star Trek panels and will be riding solo for two presentations. He will display and discuss many of the models reviewed in Strange New Worlds. Archie asks that any modelers attending the convention to bring your own models to share at these panels. He'd love to see the work of our readers and would be happy to either make suggestions or learn from your efforts. Dragon*Con is July 15 -17 at the Atlanta Hilton and Towers. Stop by the Strange New Worlds table and meet Archie and me.

Thank you so much to all our readers who responded to our first reader survey. Congratulations to the winners of the drawing. Steven C. Austin, Jani Fleet, Wendy Hyers, Gary R. McElwee, and Nelda Porter won two-year subscriptions to Strange New Worlds; Helen Quinby won the Grand Prize, a limited edition Playmates Star Trek Classic Collector Figure Set donated by Mark Kulenich of Toyz 4 Boyz. I am amazed so many of our winners were women, since mostly men responded to the survey. I'm curious about the two respondents who didn't answer the gender question — perhaps I have two extra-terrestrial readers.

According to the survey, two-thirds of our readers are male. Most of you are between the ages of 31 and 50, have completed at least some college, and a staggering 95 percent have never been married and have no children. With these numbers, I was surprised at the strong interest you expressed in our Collectible Kids column. Adrienne thinks her column may be addressing the "Crazy Uncle Walt" market. I think we have a lot of doting aunts and uncles among our readers (of course, I'm "Crazy Auntie Jo" to my niece and nephews). My mother, upon hearing how many eligible single men read my magazine, decided that I need to meet more of my readers. Look for more survey results in the next issue.

Thanks for supporting our publication through the terrible twos. I'm looking forward to an exciting third year of publication.

Jo Davidsmeyer


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