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Strange New Worlds  Issue 12 - February/March 1994

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Dear Jo,

In issue #11 Archie Waugh inspired me to put together my Darth Vader model, which my wife and I will do next week. He also mentioned the Darth Vader table lamp. I have one of these (signed on the helmet by Dave Prowes), but it is missing the lamp shade. Any idea what the shade may have looked like so that I could try to replicate it or possibly purchase a replacement? Any advise will be appreciated.

Second, I enjoyed Tom Beck’s column, but technically (Mistress) K-9 was the Dr. Who companion featured most often — 21 times to 19 for Jamie. Last, I realize a color cover is certainly more attractive and a sine qua non for newsstand distribution, but I would personally prefer to see more information on upcoming Cons around the country. I feel the two issues are linked, as the money spent on color might instead be used for free or reduced-price listings for Cons. I travel a bit and would try to time some of it to coincide with Cons in other areas, but I have no information about them. Please consider this, or if there already is a publication that features such information, please let me know.

Thanks a lot,
Horace Marchant
Belchertown MA

Dear Horace:

The only Darth Vader table lamp I know of is an unlicensed product from Windmill Ceramics, 1979. This ceramic, 9-1/2" tall accent lamp had no lamp shade. It is on the cover of SNW issue #6. If you have a different lamp, please send me a photo.

Several publications provide convention listings, among them Analog, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Science Fiction Chronicle (for literary conventions), and StarLog (good source for media conventions). These are available at most newsstands and bookstores. Also, many fan clubs keep convention lists; check your area for local groups.

Erwin S. Strauss puts together Asimov’s SF Conventional Calendar. For a longer, later list, an explanation of conventions, a sample of SF folksongs, and information about clubs and fanzines, send him a SASE at Box 3343, Fairfax VA 22038. Hot line is (703)2SF-DAYS (273-3297). If you have a computer and modem, you can connect through the Internet with SF-LOVERS mailing list. For information about how to receive a copy of their convention list, send a message to SF-LOVERS-FTP@RUTGERS.EDU with the single word message "help." They maintain extensive information about conventions, listed both chronologically and geographically. As for the color covers, you correctly assumed that color is a necessity for newsstand distribution. But there is a more compelling reason for going to color: I wanted it, so we’re doing it.


Dear Sirs,

I’ve enjoyed Strange New Worlds, especially your model-making article on the Jupiter II in issue 10. I’d like to see you feature articles on SF model making, especially scratch-builders. There are many incredibly talented people out there such as Steve Bohl of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jim Key of Georgia, David Merriman, Jr. of Virginia Beach, Virginia and so on. Even though many of these people have appeared in different magazines from time to time. It’s always great to see more of their efforts displayed.

Mark Dorais
Battle Creek MI

Dear Mark:

We, too, appreciate the talent of model makers. In issue #3 we featured some of the beautiful miniatures of Jim Key. We hope to have more articles in the future about prominent modelmakers and designers. In the meantime, I think you’ll enjoy our June feature: 1950s model spaceship kits. J.D.

Dear Jo:

In issue #11 I read an article on the Galactica 15 Year Reunion Convention by Becky Einsig. I was surprised and dismayed that I was not cited in the article as a reputable source of Galactica products... (Could’ve sworn I’d left my cloaking device in the shuttlecraft.) At a paid for table, I sold my models of the Colonial Blaster which had a reliably functional light system and digital playback of the original sound effect. At their debut I sold them at the introductory price of $180. Their current retail price is $200.

If you watched Sci-Fi Buzz’s recent coverage of the Reunion, that was my Blaster Mike Jerrick was firing. Richard Hatch was impressed with my weapons’ display, particularly the Forbidden Planet Blaster with light and digital sound. He even autographed a couple of my Galactica Blasters which I put into my own personal collection.

Properly Yours,
Richard A. Coyle
PO Box 86175
Phoenix AZ 85080-6175

Dear Richard:

Thanks for the information about your quality products and their appearance on Sci-Fi Buzz. (Readers who wish to know more about Mr. Coyle and his work in the Star Trek feature films, please refer to our article in Issue #6.)

The purpose of the Galactica Reunion article was to provide our readers with a general overview of the convention, not a comprehensive listing of every activity and every dealer. J.D.

Dear Jo,

I managed to read through a copy of the magazine that I saw at EVECON in Virginia over New Year’s weekend. I was slightly annoyed by the short shrift my company was given by your reviewer, Becky Einsig, in regards to collectibles at the Battlestar Galactica 15 Year Reunion. I went to great lengths to make sure that I had some of the more unusual and rarely reproduced shots . . . She completely omitted the fact that Dirk Benedict [Starbuck] made his first ever convention appearance at the show . . . Also, I was informed that John Colicos [Baltar] never made it to the convention . . .

On a more positive side, you'll be happy to note that the TV Guide for this week has announced that starting in the next issue, there will be a column devoted to science fiction television. At long last we get the respect and recognition that we deserve.

Your Truly,
Mark Marmor
Director of Services
THE OMEGA ZONE, 258 West 15th St.
New York NY 10011, 212/677-9375

Dear Mark:

Thank you for pointing out these errors. The guest list provided to our reporter did not include these changes. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. J.D.


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