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1950s Plastic Space Model Kits:
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1950s space books
Glencoe Reissues
Lindberg Spaceship kits
Monogram / Willy Ley kits
Revell model kits
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Classic Plastic
Model Kits:

& Value Guide

by Rick Polizzi


Nasa and Space Exploration


Feature Article
Strange New Worlds  Issue 14 - June/July 1994

Vintage Spaceship model kits and popular
publications of the 1950s
by Elliott Swanson

Hawk Model Co.

This company produced some excellent models of space prototypes, satellites, and rockets. They also made some wacky kits like the "Saturn Interplanetary Space Vehicle" and a nuclear powered airplane. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Hawk went out of business in the early 1970s. Many of the molds went to Testors.

Convair Atlas Space Station

513-98. 1/98 scale? Issued 1958. Designed by Krafft Ehricke for the Convair Division of the General Dynamics Corporation.

This station is built around an Atlas rocket, and has a detailed interior. Kit 513 features Campbell box art.

Current value [1994]: $100-$150.
Reissued as 551--Manned Orbital Lab.
Current value of 513: $150-$200.
Current value of 551: $100-$150.

Saturn Interplanetary Space Vehicle

200-200. Issued 1958?

This strange multi-stage rocket isn’t a serious design prototype, but only an attempt to cash in on the space craze, and has nothing to do with the actual Saturn project. The box art (probably by Campbell) shows one of the crew entering the craft through a door in the first stage fuel tank!

Current value: $150.

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